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    What we are...

    New Morning Coffee Roasters is a mid-sized coffee roaster located in Appleton, Wisconsin specializing in custom roasted private label coffee, blend matches, and specialty coffees.






    Who we are...

    Paul Wisneski has matched coffees for the largest coffee wholesalers in the country. He has visited coffee farms searching for the best coffees in the world, even judging the 2011 Utz National Coffee Competition in Honduras. Paul has 20+ years of coffee experience.


    Dan Jansen has 20+ years of coffee roasting and production experience. He is an expert coffee roaster and cupper, and has many years of experience in industrial grinding, packaging, and order fulfillment.


    Greg Van Zeeland, responsible for finance and procurement, has nearly 25 years of experience in finance, the last 15 of them in the coffee industry learning the trends of the coffee futures market and buying coffee contracts.

    Why we began...

    After many years of working at a large coffee roaster, Dan, Greg, and Paul noticed a troubling trend in the industry: Coffee roasters throughout the country were continuing to merge and grow so large that they no longer valued the customers that got them there. The three decided to leave and pursue their own dream of providing astonishing coffees and great service for customers of all sizes. This business plan has not only proven to be extremely successful, but it's also been very rewarding for the three owners to form great personal relationships with their customers.

  • Private Label

    Your Brand is Our Brand


    The flavor inherent in each coffee bean changes depending on a variety of factors including the country of origin, soil conditions, elevation of growth, and processing methods. Pick from one of our countless current blends, allow us to use our extensive knowledge to create your amazing blends, or have us custom match your favorite flavor profiles.


    New Morning Coffee Roasters offers full private label packaging capabilities in a wide variety of pack sizes. Packaging options include filter packs, ground fractional packs of any size, retail bags, and bulk coffees. Private label corrugate is also available in any size.


    Our private label programs are highly customizable for distributors, roasters, and retailers of nearly any size. New Morning Coffee Roasters is happy to customize a private label program that fits your unique needs.




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  • Current Coffee Offerings

    Available in 12oz, or 5lb bags

    Caferoz Women Grown Honduran

    Coffee grown by women for women

    Sweet floral aroma with notes of soft citrus and chocolate with a creamy body and delicate acidity. .50 from every 12oz bag of coffee sold goes to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Denver, CO.


    Light and bright

    Roasting this coffee to a lighter roast color allows the brilliant acidity to shine through. The acidity is balanced well by its medium body and touch of spice due to the rich volcanic soil in which it is grown.

    New Morning Blend

    Medium and bright

    Our signature blend is a bright, medium bodied cup, roasted to a light/medium color providing for flavors of orange citrus with a hint of milk chocolate.

    Kenya Harambee Gold

    Complex and Winey

    Rich notes reminiscent of red wine and currant can be found in this aromatic East African coffee.

    Fair Trade Organic Inca Bold

    Smooth and flavorful

    Fair Trade Organic medium/dark roast with a dark raw sugar like sweetness. The beans, mostly sourced from Peru, have a natural fruit juice like quality that is tamed by the medium dark roast color.

    Espresso Crema

    Smoky and Caramel

    Espresso roast producing a caramelly, sweet cup with a touch of smoke. This espresso is crafted to penetrate sugary milk drinks, while still providing an elegant and sweet shot of straight espresso. Also makes for a great drip brew.

    Full City Centro

    Dark and Full bodied

    Classic full bodied dark roast containing natural aromas of incense and smoke. Our Full City Centro is dark and bold, yet still finishes clean and smooth.

    Caballo Black

    Very bold and smoky

    Very dark, smoky coffee with a full body, our Caballo Black is expertly roasted to the perfect point of full richness, without the bitterness or burnt flavors that many dark roasts contain

    Drift Away Decaf

    Medium and flavorful

    Medium roasted blend of high grown beans from Central America that contains all of the flavor you want in a cup of great coffee without any of the caffeine.

    Decaf Espresso Crema

    Smoky and caramel

    Espresso roast producing a sweet cup with a touch of smoke. Don't be fooled by the fact that we make this coffee to be used as an espresso. It makes a fantastic cup of drip brew.

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